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Proudly provided by Barefoot OwnerNet

Rentors – return to our home page and to view vacation properties and contact the owners directly, there is no charge to you for this service.

Listing Your Property
Listing your vacation rental property on Ownernet is simple and effective. Listing you property with us exposes it to the thousands of prospective vacationers that visit our site daily. It is recommended that you be very descriptive about your property and upload at least one color photo. Please take advantage of the many tools we have provided you in order to make your property standout over your neighbors.

You can enjoy the following online service:

1. Publish property.
2. Check bookings and REAL TIME availability calendar.
3. Make owner block reservations and guest reservations in REAL TIME.
4. View property history of past and future rentals.
5. Manager customer’s data.
6. Entrust OwnerNet with property for renting.

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Check Your Web Page

Please check your property description and amenities for accuracy. Once you noticed any mistakes in your online property description or amenities, please inform us. It is encouraged to write a glowing description of your property and email it to us.

Please write a users’ manual for you home and keep it in the room for guest usage, and provide us an electronic version for storage. Guests really appreciate it and so do we!

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How To Join Us

1. Only the members could list their property in OwnerNet. You could register directly from our website or call us.

2. Service charge is existed. You could choose to pay it yearly, monthly, daily or according to the number of times reaching a deal. It could be deduced from your account correspondingly and automatically.

3. As a member, you can enjoy all the services provided by us

4. No false information. The property listed in OwnerNet should be true and valid.

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